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Applicant Management


Effective Hiring Solutions Improve Your Bottom Line

Effective applicant management is necessary to recruit top talent. According to Career Placement Inc, it takes an average of 60 – 90 days to hire an entry level employee with higher skill-set positions like engineers or VP’s taking even longer. During that period, talented prospective employees will entertain recruitment efforts from multiple businesses. While these businesses exercise their due diligence, several get bogged down in antiquated hiring processes that can deprive them from retaining the highest quality and most talented applicants.

Statistically it is the first firm to make a solid offer that wins the day. For that reason it is crucial to have an effective employee recruitment solution to expedite your hiring process. It is not just enough to have a competitive compensation package; with the instability of the job market, the most talented applicants not only want to be courted but they are looking to secure a position quickly. To get the most out of your hiring dollar you need to keep the process fast and efficient.

There are several resources available to assist with a company’s onboarding process. Specifically you want to look for an employee recruitment software solution to assist with your hiring process. Effective recruiting software will have a dramatic improvement on inter-department communication, new-hire document management, background check resources and employee training; all of which will result in faster hiring and better quality candidate for your dollar. In general, Web based recruitment software is the best solution for several reasons.

As business software shifts to the cloud, a cloud based recruitment solution is clearly the way to go. More and more businesses are taking advantage of this paradigm to be ahead of the technology curve and give their firm an edge over the competition. By using a Web based recruiting solution for your hiring and applicant management, your business will be able track applicants through the entire onboarding process from resume’ to new hire training, and will be able to access related information from anywhere an internet connection is available. Not only will cloud based recruitment software cut down on needless paper copies, it will also improve the efficiency of your onboarding and reduce redundancies in your hiring process.