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Fast Recruiting Unveils New Applicant Experience


Streamlined Applicant Recruiting Management

Fast Recruiting unveiled our new “tabbed” application process today with a longtime account as initial beta tester.  It is only 3/4 through day one, but this high volume account has a marked increase in completed applications and associated application documents from the old style.  Look for a 30 day report next month, with statistics on the differences.

What we wanted to do, was to create a one page space, where the entire application and associated documents could be collected without going to multiple pages.  Of course, with our clients needs, we had to make the information collection as easy as possible, while still giving powerful abilities for data collection.

We designed the Documents Tab to enable completion of any number of associated application documents right from within the tab.  No need to be directed to other pages, it all happens here!  We included our Individual mouse signatures for each document, for a professional looking resulting completed PDF with real signature for each document completed here.

Want to request an applicant Upload of a license or certificate or any other image or document?  This also can be applied to the Documents tab.

For current clients, we expect to have the new application process implemented by the first week of August to all clients.  We take your existing application and rebuild it into the tabbed format, so the content of your custom application will not change, just the presentation and user interface to complete it.

Here are some screenshots showing intital page, the documents tab(showing a completed document tab view in this example), and the application signature page.

Tabbed app 1


Tabbed app 2 Tabbed app 3