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Fast Recruiting Introduction and Background


Save Time with Fast Workforce’s Recruiting Management System

So here it is…the very first Fast Recruiting blog post. 

A good time to let you in on who we are, where
we came from, and how we got into the Applicant Tracking System and Workforce
Management software business.  We didn’t get into this business willingly;
we had every intention of finding an existing solution that really would work
for us. 

To bring you up to speed, we owned a
1,400 employee Driver Staffing and fleet outsourcing business and really needed
a system for driver recruiting, remote hours collection, and real time
management of each days remote positions staffing. I must have personally
looked at 30+ systems in the HRIS, Applicant Tracking System, assessment
testing, background checks and time and attendance space for high volume
employers.  We saw some great features and products, but we did not see
anything that had all that we required wrapped up into one solution.  The
overall solutions we did see were too spendy, and for our type regional management…well
they would never have been able to figure it out without much hand holding and
training, something we did not relish doing.  Not that there’s anything
wrong with holding the hands of your staff, but hey, we only have two each!

In 2000, still without a complete
solution, we sold our company.  With the capital from the sale, and some
excellent local programmers, we started Databay, which was a very specific web
based system for just the type of company we had sold.  The “dream system”
we had always wanted and could not find….A system that is easy for the staff to
use, yet powerful in its abilities.  Our first client….you guessed it, the
management of the old company.  This system still runs this company’s and
others Recruiting, HR management, Customer Service CRM, Hours collection,
payroll, billing, margin analysis and first level accounting!  It is quite
an encompassing system, but very specific to the needs of this type company.

In 2007 we spun off the recruiting
portions of what we had created in Databay and founded FastRecruiting, a very
flexible web based applicant tracking system for high volume recruiting using
both web and IVR automated phone interviews reporting to the comprehensive
applicant tracking and communication system.

In 2009, we incorporated our onboarding, shift scheduling and performance management features enabling us to encompass a full range of key needs in all our client companies.

To sum it up, the result of our 20 yrs of experience with this type
workforce is included in every line of code in our system.  We understand
the realities involved in managing a remote workforce and our system accounts
for this with easy to use functionality, user accountability, and easy
applicant experiences.