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Fast Recruiting,Inc Partners with Discount Cab to Create A Better, Faster & Greener Application Solution


Disc cab
Costa Mesa, CA and Glendale, AZ/ October
22, 2009
 — Fast Recruiting, Inc,
a provider of Web-based recruiting management and scheduling
solutions and Total Transit, Inc, of Glendale, Arizona, which
operates several leading transportation companies including Discount Cab,
have joined forces to implement the Fast Recruiting paper-saving, web-based application
process for contracting cab drivers.

“Fast Recruiting’s online
application process fits into Total Transit’s mission of being the greenest
transportation company we can be,” said Craig Hughes, CEO of Total Transit,
Inc.  “Prospective drivers now apply directly on our website and our recruiters
then automatically schedule interviews, run background checks, enroll
prospective drivers into our training classes, and get them through the
approval process and into a green cab.”

Fast Recruiting’s Web-based system is
truly a win-win for transportation companies that must process a high volume of
applicants.  Online recruitment not only provides Discount Cab’s management
with time savings and other efficiencies; it is also primarily paperless.

“We estimate 75% less paper usage
when a company converts to online recruiting,” said Bart Bement, CEO of
Fast Recruiting, Inc.   “In this economy, companies such as Discount
Cab are getting many applications each day.  At an average of five pages
for each applicant, the annual savings in paper is huge and truly helps
companies to reduce their carbon footprint.”

And most importantly, online
recruiting helps to screen out the approximately 38% of applicants who do not
meet the basic requirements of the position. This enables the recruiter to
focus on the 62% that are actually qualified.   Previously, all applicants
qualified or not, would just show up to apply.

Before meeting the applicant, integrated
background checks are completed within the Fast Recruiting system, alerting the
recruiter to any past criminal and traffic convictions as well as incorrect
Social Security numbers.

“The biggest challenge for us
in this project was to accommodate the regulatory issues inherent in
contracting cab drivers, while at the same time making the application
experience an easy one for even the novice Internet user,” commented Bement.
“With the help of Discount Cab’s recruiting, safety and
management staff, we designed an online application process that works for even
the newest of Internet users.”



Discount Cab: Now in its 25th year of operation, Discount Cab is Arizona’s largest
cab company, operating more than 550 cabs throughout Phoenix and Tucson. For
more information on Discount Cab, please visit 
www.discountcab.com. Find Discount
Cab on Twitter at 
or on Facebook at Facebook.com/discountcab

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