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Mapping Applicants Proximity to Worksites


This feature enables you to see your applicants and their proximity to your worksites.  First, you pre select your worksite locations within your admin panel as shown here.  This only needs to be done once, or as your worksites change:

Work site zip admin image
Now that you have worksite locations configured in your admin panel, you can go to View Applicants/Locations, and from here, you select which of your worksite zones you wish to see on the map (they will appear in green on map, applicants appear in red)

Worksite map selection image

Now you are ready to narrow down the applicant list with the search parameters atop the page.  As you can see, there is an added search filtering parameter for mileage from worksite zone.

Filter applicants by distance from work-site image

You select Applicants from list and hit the Mark Applicants button and these will now show on the map along with the worksite marker.  You can also select a page range if you wish to map over 50 applicants.  Clicking a marker on map brings up applicant info.  Also the list of those applicants within the mileage range you have selected shows below the map, enabling you to quickly access these applicants info and to direct communication their way.  The further most right column displays the mileage to the worksite zone from the applicants home address.

Worksite and applicant markers image