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Workshift Scheduling and Time Off Management


Make sure and maximize the video for full screen or you will not be able to see the details.  This video will go over the features and functions of Fast Recruiting’s new Shift Scheduling Module.   The module is constructed to have Events…which can be ongoing Clients you serve or specific special Events.  Within each Event or Client are Schedules.  A schedule is defined as a collection of SHIFTS.  A shift is a specific day and position and start/end time.

To begin we will go to the Event / Schedule List Page.  This page shows you all Events or Recurring Clients.  Events that have open positions within them for a specified time period show as Red, and those that are 100% filled show as green.

Clicking on an Event brings you to page which shows all SCHEDULES for this event….red ones are not yet assigned and green are assigned.

This is also the page where you can create new Shifts and Schedules.  Here we are setting up a Recurring Schedule.  This is what you would use for your ongoing positions at a client location.  First you select the Position.  This will have the effect of including all employees that are HIRED status, and are within this Shortlist Position Spreadsheet as possible assignees.

When we check the recurring schedule box, the Days of the week of this Schedule will also appear to enable it to be recurring.  For a NON recurring schedule, you simply enter the specific Date and Time.  Once you have finished adding shifts, click the Save Schedule button and you are done.

From the links to schedules in this spreadsheet below, you can see which schedules have open shifts within them.  Clicking on them brings you to the Shift Assignment page .  Here we will click on the Recurring Mondays and Tuesdays Schedule we just created.  To assign an entire Shift to an employee you simply click the Assign Whole Shift box, and all days for the month will be selected.   Or we can just select specific dates to assign to an employee.

Check the employee, hit the Register button.  Your employee is now scheduled for this shift, an email has been automatically sent notifying the employee, and it will appear on the employees shift calendar on their employee home page.

Open Schedule Page

The Open Schedule Page shows you at a glance all Schedules which have Open Shifts within them for a specified upcoming number of days.  Clicking on an Open Schedule brings you to all open shifts for this specific schedule with same functionality for assigning shifts or schedules.

Conflicting Dates

If an employee is already scheduled for a shift this day, a popup will warn you that this is the case, and in order to schedule the employee, you must check the Allow Conflicting Dates box.

Schedule Report

The Schedule report gives you an easy way to quickly get a schedule list for All or Specific Events or Recurring Positions.  Sort by date range, export to excel, print….We even have an Iphone application to view this and other scheduling pages.

Employee Home Page

The employee home page gives the employee the ability to edit their personal information, and to receive documents from HR or Operations.  And it gives the employee a Scheduling calendar where they are able to see all scheduled work shifts, as well as to request time off for future shifts. Time Off Request Mgmt

The manager is able to view all requests for time off and approve or deny each request.  The manager can also send the employee a note included with the Decision.  The Decision and any note are emailed to the applicant and also show on their Shift Schedule within the employee home page.  If the time off is granted, the shift will be set as OPEN within the shift scheduling module.

Stay tuned for upcoming features on Remote Hours Collection and Line Level Worker Performance Quantification and Management.