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Fast Workforce management differentiates itself from any other applicant tracking system available. With our qualifications of both real world recruiting & management experience and web-based recruitment software design expertise, we give you the tools to hire the most valuable and talented applicants out there.

Who We Are

As a client of Fast Workforce you are aligning your company with an experienced team of management professionals. We are not simply software designers. When it comes to recruitment solutions for hiring / contracting of blue collar, service / hospitality and other workers, we know the terrain and can relate to the issues you are facing. Our management has the experience of starting and growing a driver staffing company to 2,000 employees over a 12 year span, before selling this company in 2000 and focusing our efforts on labor management and recruiting software.

We take service and consulting to a level not normally found in a software product. Schedule a demo to see how we can assist in your company’s success.