Web Based Solutions for Recruiting • Paperless Onboarding • HR Lifecycle Doc Management • Orientations/Training • Workshift Scheduling

The Process

Free Demo for Recruiting Solutions

Typical Recruiting/Onboarding Process using the Fast Workforce system.

Advertising for your workers:

Ad Design for Craigslist
  • One free ad template is included with your account, that you can then edit depending upon the position you are advertising. The ad will be custom made, graphical, and formatted perfectly and link back to your Pre Screens for the specific position advertising for. (All open positions will have a unique URL, in addition to be shown on your Career Portal page/linked to your website.) Our ads have a proven track record of bringing in quality applicants.
Free Ad Feeds
  • Your open positions are fed to INDEED, SimplyHired and GlassDoor at no cost.
Paid Job Boards
  • You can post direct to Careerbuilder from each Position Page, through an integration with CareerBuilder.
  • All positions have a unique URL, for use in posting on Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. This enables the Apply button on these sites to be directed to your position specific prescreen and application.

Screening your Applicants

Pre Screen and DQ questions
  • Resume Parsing – Applicant submits resume and the parsing completes part of the application. The applicant completes the rest and can edit the parsed information.
  • In your pre screen questions setup, you are able to set answers as Disqualifying answers.
  • Each position has its own pre screen questions. (or can be easily imported from an existing position)
  • Each prescreen question can be “Weighted” and the answers Scored.
  • Run and receive background checks right from within the system, no data entry required. (this can be done at any stage of application process, or after a job offer is extended)
Collaborative Notes/Hire Requests and Reminders
  • Your recruiting team can make notes on applicants, which are accessible to other recruiters.
  • Notes can be set as Reminders or Hire Requests, and can be assigned to other Teammates in your company.

Interview Setting

  • Maintain your interview availability settings – this is used to enable Applicant Self Scheduling of interviews based on your remaining open availability.
  • Tag prospects you like by using the Shortlist feature.
  • Filter your applicant list by position, area, shortlist, and rating.
  • With the click of a button, Invite your entire list, or selected applicants to Schedule an interview based on your remaining availability
  • When the applicant schedules the interview, they receive an automated email with the interview details. You also receive this.(with an outlook calendar event attached)
  • The interview is also listed on your Interview Calendar within Fast Recruiting.
  • Applicant receives automated Interview reminder phone call, 24 hours before scheduled interview. They are able to confirm interview, request reschedule or indicate that they are no longer interested in the position. The answers report back to the applicant profile in Fast Recruiting.

Onboarding your New Hires

  • Change status of applicant to Pre Hire or Hired
  • From the popup selection box you get once changing status, choose the new hire document package to send to the new hire.
  • From this same popup, choose any training modules you wish to distribute.
  • Applicant receives email with instructions on digitally signing the new hire documents.
  • Recruiter can easily see/manage who has and has not yet completed the required documents and training modules.
  • Recruiter/Hiring manager completes and signs any documents requiring this, directly within Fast Recruiting. (such as the i9)
  • Documents can all be custom documents that are unique to your business…via our FastDocs module, we can turn any paper document into an online, signable form, with “wet look” mouse signature from computer, and finger signatures on tablet or smart phone.
  • New Hire/Employee Home page, where your employees can login to complete any assigned documents, or training. You control the content shown here, and can include graphics, text, links, etc.

Managing HR Files for Applicants and Employees

  • Upload any documents to an applicant or worker profile, and set expiration date reminders for these documents.
  • Distribute Digital documents at any time, from your Document Library.
  • Manage the completion of distributed documents.

Distributing and Managing Completion of Training for your Workers

  • Distribute training to one or multiple workers at any time via your training library and manage its completion.
  • Enable “On demand’ Training, that your workers can complete as they wish, directly from their Employee Home Page Training Tab.
  • Report on assigned/completed training.
  • Training completion Certificates automatically issued to workers for completed modules.
  • Badges/qualifications can be earned for completed training modules.

Terminating Workers

  • Set a worker to a Termed Status, and you are prompted to enter reason for the Termination.
  • Upload write ups and termination paperwork to the worker profile.
  • Set termed worker to eligible for rehire or not eligible for rehire.
  • Report on terminations/reasons.