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Fast Recruiting

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Recruiting Solutions to Recruit, Hire and Onboard Smarter . . . and Faster.

Fast Recruiting is an easy to use web-based software utilized by companies to manage the entire process of hiring, contracting and onboarding new hires through a true paperless system.

Our cost effective solutions are designed for screening applicants, processing background checks and drug testing, scheduling interviews and on-boarding of qualified candidates, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to filter through the abundance of data and focus on the best potential prospects.

We feature custom web job applications as well as automated IVR phone interviews for applicants to apply through.  Either way, the applicant data is at your fingertips.

Shortlist your best candidates, and with a single click of your mouse,  send them all an invite to schedule an interview based upon your availability.  Instead of playing phone tag, watch as your calendar fills up with scheduled interviews of qualified candidates.

Order background checks with another click or two.  When you are ready to hire, a simple status change enables a customized online new hire package to be assigned to your pre hired applicants.  They complete and sign these online (See FastDocs) and you can monitor the progress to see who has and has not completed and access the documents in the New Hires record within our system.

Once hired, assign video training and orientation videos/quizzes to your new hires. (see FastTrainer)


  • Custom Web Job Applications
  • Career Portal
  • Paperless onboarding via FastDocs
  • Integrated Training via FastTrainer
  • Central / Regional / Location /
    Dept User Access Levels
  • Automated IVR Phone Applications
  • Integrated background checks
  • Mass & Directed Emails/Texts
  • Upload, Distribute, Collect
    and Store all HR Documents
  • Social Media integration
  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • EEO Reporting
  • Source Reporting
  • Applicant / Interview / Hire Ratios
  • Referral Collection / Reporting
  • Orientation Scheduling