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Applicant Portal / Duplicate Management


Applicant Recruiting Solutions to Save Time & Resources

Fast Recruiting manages duplicate applicants by enabling you to select a number of days until an applicant is eligible to re-apply for a position they have already applied for.  You simply set the # of days here one time in your admin panel and now…when an applicant re-applies for the same position before this time period is up, they will be taken to their Applicant Home Page.

Here they can see the “public status” of their application, and also see other open opportunities from your company.
If they have already completed the Full Application for one position, when they apply for a different position they are able to edit or submit the completed application and other documents to the new position….without having to redo any forms.
This applicants status is listed as Incomplete Application…The applicant can now click the incomplete link and is taken to the remaining documents needing to be finished. 

Fast Recruiting stops duplicate applicants from polluting your Applicant Tracking System, while at the same time enabling applicants to keep up with where they are in the process to be hired or contracted.As in all “Applicant Experience” portions of the FastRecruiting System, the Applicant Home page is private labeled with your company’s logo and colors, and as you can see, quite pleasing to the eye!