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Time Saving Integrated I9 E-Verify now within Fast Workforce ATS


Fast Workforce has integrated I9 E-Verify Ordering and receiving of results for the past 6 months.  This is all very easily and quickly done on the page clients currently manage the completion of new hire documents.  This is within the FastRecruiting module, for clients that currently use our New Hire Document management system.

Once the hiring manager enters the supporting documents and completes the I9, they can order the Everify service by clicking on the order button within the “Workers/Current Staff” page in Fast Recruiting.  The hiring manager can then view the results as Case Closed or be notified of any further action required to close the case.  Once the case is closed it is marked as such.

National companies, that only use I9 E-Verify in certain states, can have this feature set only show for new hires in these States.

This I9 E-verify integration has proven to be a big time saver for clients wanting to stay compliant with their I9’s using E-Verify.  If you are interested in having this on your account, please contact your account rep to get started.

There is full reporting, with case numbers, and when added action needed, it can all be done via our system.  (such as verifying a worker image from everify, etc)  Below shows just the order and results that show within your new hire management page.  Let us know if you would like to see a full demo.

everify ordering and monitoring results