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Decrease Interview No Shows – Building the Warm Fuzzies


So, you have identified some great candidates, you have quickly engaged them, and successfully scheduled them for an interview. Great job, you deserve a coffee break and a few minutes to put your feet on the desk and really feel good about beating your competitors to the punch on these fantastic potential employees? Not so quick!… You have more to do ahead of this scheduled interview to maintain and build upon the enthusiasm of working with your company.

If you are hiring entry-level, hourly, or event/service/hospitality type workers I don’t need to remind you about the no-show rate for interviews. If you just schedule the interview and let the cards fall where they may, the no-show rate will be unacceptably high unfortunately.

However, including some added automated actions in the time from when the interview is scheduled to when the interview date arrives, can greatly improve the percentage who do show up to the interview. As well as building the candidates enthusiasm about working with your company.

– schedule a series of emails or texts to the scheduled applicant, where you are continuing to engage them and inject them with the warm fuzzies ahead of the interview.

For example….

– “Hi John, looking forward to meeting you at our upcoming interview. In the meantime wanted to share this video with you, that really gives you insight into what our company is all about!….”

– “Hey John, just 1 more day until our interview! Looking forward to it as you appear to be a great fit with our company. Just thought I would share a video with you highlighting some examples of employees in our company who started on the job you are applying for, and have risen through the ranks to become key members of our management team. If you are looking for a company that can give you the potential to learn new skills, and maximize your growth potential with the many opportunities present, this video will show you some examples of employees who have taking this journey with us. Again, really looking forward to meeting you…”

– the last communication before the interview, should be a text message the afternoon before or the morning of the day that interview is scheduled, that provides the interview details once more as a reminder, and prompts the candidate to confirm the interview with a response or to contact you if rescheduling is needed.

Implementing the above will go a long way to not only greatly reduce the no-show rate to your interviews, but also to greatly increase the level of enthusiasm and the warm fuzzies the candidate has about working with your company.