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Automated and Manual Interview Scheduling


Effective Applicant Recruiting Solutions

Fast Recruiting has both an easy manual interview scheduling feature, as well as an automated applicant self scheduling ability, where the applicant sets an interview based on the recruiters personalized availability calendar.

For manual interview setting, directly from the applicant spreadsheet the recruiter simply chooses personal interview, phone interview, or scheduling orientation and clicks a date and time, and the interview is set, and the applicant receives an email notification.

The automated applicant self scheduling really comes in handy to avoid playing phone tag with an applicant.  All the recruiter needs to do is select the applicants and click one of the invite buttons.  The applicants status now automatically changes to “Invited to Interview” triggering an email invite to schedule an interview and can choose an available date and time based upon the recruiters personalized availability calendar. 

Here you see an email the applicant has received inviting him to schedule an interview.  Once a time is selected the applicant receives a confirmation, and an email with detailed instructions on what to bring to interview, where it is and so on.  You are able to completely customize all automated email communication templates within your Fast Recruiting admin panel.

As we return back to the applicant spreadsheet on the Client side of FastRecruiting, we see that Tiger the applicant’s status has now changed to Pending Interview, and this appointment is now in the hiring managers Fast Recruiting calendar.

For high volume recruiters, Fast Recruiting’s easy applicant self scheduling tool is an absolute necessity, and dramatically shortens the average time from application to hire.