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FastDocs – The easiest way to onboard large numbers of new hires


FastDocs – Easiest Manner of Distributing / Managing Completion of New Hire Documents

It just doesn’t get any easier then FastDocs. 
  • Within seconds, Distribute your New Hire Docs Online.
  • New Hires gets email notification/instructions, completes and signs your entire package of new hire documents.
  • Hiring managers complete and/or sign documents requiring countersignatures. (such as the I9)
  • Easy tools to manage document completion.
  • All Completed HR Documents securely stored online.

FastDocs is an integrated HR and Contractor Document distribution, completion and management system for the high volume hiring manager and recruiter.  FastDocs can work as a standalone system, or connected to the FastRecruiting ATS.  FastDocs can also connect with other ATS’s.

When integrated with FastRecruiting, using is as easy as:

–          Changing an applicant’s status

–          Entering or confirming the pay rate 

By doing this you are also emailing the applicant a request and access to complete their new hire documents, based upon your customized email templates.

The new hire accesses the documents needing completion on their personal new hire home page.  Here they sign each document.

Documents such as the i9 that also require HR entry and signature, are then accessed by HR to countersign and complete all required fields.

You are able to use FastDocs for any document in your hiring package, including your unique custom documents and manuals.   You are also able to distribute and manage completion/signing of employee lifecycle documents and new company policy’s.

When using as a standalone solution, you simply add a new worker or select an existing one, assign the documents to them, and voila! You have just emailed notification to the worker to login and complete their documents.

FastDocs is the easiest way to distribute and manage completion of documents online.  We help you make your orientations more productive, save you tons of filing cabinets, and put the signed documents at your fingertips anytime you need it.  Designed for ease of use by both the new hire and the recruiter, the FastDocs system can be used in hiring anyone….our system is so simple, it’s been successfully deployed for job titles such as cab drivers, truckers, security guards and parking attendants as well as for the executive staff.