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Full Application and Other Documents


Paperless Document Management Saves Time

The applicant first completes the pre screen and if they successfully pass the knockout questions, they are brought to the Pre Employment Document page.  This is where the qualified applicant completes the full application and any other pre employment documents or testing that you decide to include.  If your appplication needs are simple, it can be a 3 minute process.  But most of our clients require quite a bit more on the application and the related documents as you will see.

Clients commonly include……..Our standard full application .  We have both employee and contractor versions, as well as specific DOT applications for you to choose to include in the applicant process.

– Cashier / Cash Handling Test

– Release for alcohol and drug testing

– Background Check Authorization Form


We have shown you our standard forms and tests here.  Additionally we can custom make any document into a web form to your exact specifications.

Once completed, these documents show up as PDF files within the specific applicant records in Fast Recruiting.  In this example we are on a specific applicant’s page on the Recruiter login.  Had this been a contractor account, the document tab would read pre contracting documents. 

Once hired or contracted an additional tab shows up for Post Contracted or Hired documents.  These can include any scanned documents you wish.  30 days before the expiration of any document, both you and the contractor or employee are notified of the impending expiration.

Fast Recruiting’s Full Application and Document management system.  Keep these important files organized, secure, and have them send you a reminder when they may be expiring.