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Fast Workforce: Automated Interview Scheduling Feature


In our tireless pursuit to keep our services on the cutting edge of technology and to offer our clients the most advanced HRMS / ATS solutions available, we’ve just rolled out our newest features this week: Automated Interview Scheduling

Having the agility to reach candidates wherever they are available clearly distinguishes mobile recruiting as the way to go.

Now, 24 hours before a scheduled interview, or whatever time you wish to have set, an automated outgoing call is made to your applicants that not only reminds them of the meeting time & date, but also notifies them of additional details you might wish to include. Should the applicant opt-in for texting instead, they would get a text message notification. The applicant then has the option to confirm, request to reschedule, or respond that no longer interested in position.  Results display next to applicant name on spreadsheet in real time.

Click on the image below to view as a larger image:


interview sched 600


Automated Interview Scheduling Confirmation Benefits Include:

– Reduce Interview No-Shows
– Manage Reschedule Requests
– Identify Applicants That Are No Longer Interested
– Expand Communication Channels
– Improve Hiring Efficiency