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Interview with Resource Screening CEO Ben Criste


Resource Screening is one of our integrated background check providers within the FastWorkforce/FastRecruiting system.  Bens company works with quite a few of our clients.  I recently did this Q and A with him on some tips and things to consider with running background checks.  Ben can be reached at ben@resourcescreening.com

What type background checks do you recommend in general?

We understand the importance of providing each client with a background check that not only meetstheir company’s needs but is also within their budget. There isn’t a “one size fits all report”. This iswhy we provide multiple service options tailored to the needs and budgets of our clients. This type of customization is one key element that distinguishes us from the others.

For a company hiring or contracting people to drive or park, what do you

feel is the optimum combo of services from your company?

I would definitely recommend a driving record. Reviewing an applicant’s driving history is an important search if you have employees that operate a company or personal vehicle for business purposes.Records include personal identifiers, offenses and citations, and highlight driving history over the past 3-7 years and are available in all 50 states and District of Columbia (Washington DC). Depending on the state I would recommend either a statewide criminal search or database search.Since, there seems to be a good deal of turnaround in that industry keeping costs low, or having the applicant pay for their own search upfront is always a good idea.

How important is personal service in your business?

Its everything – The data we provide is publicly available, which means everyone has access to the same data. The only way to truly differentiate yourself is by the service you provide to your clients.That is why we employ the “all hands on deck” approach. Our clients experience more than just running a background check. We make sure they understand the results on the reports, answer questions about billing, and know we are available for questions and consultation when no searches are run. Being a true long term business partner, not just a vendor.

What do you do to insure a timely return on background checks?

In today’s rapidly moving business environment, it is critical that you are able to make quick personnel and volunteer decisions based on accurate and complete information. We are committed to providing our clientèle with the latest automated technology. Our clients are able to Login 24/7 to view completed, archived or in-process background reports, and real-time status updates.

How do you deal with adverse action letters if needed?

Our system has automated the pre and post adverse action letter process. At no additional cost and with just a few clicks of a mouse, our clients can send their applicants adverse action letters. Compliance has never been so easy!

Tell me a few things clients need to be aware of with regards to background checks.

Not all companies are the same. Make sure your vendor takes the time to describe the services they offer and that those services meet your needs. As an example, a low cost provider can offer their services at a discounted rate but fail to explain exactly what their reports include. Those same providers will call the discounted database searches they provide to their clients national searches,  and that’s just not true. Database searches aren’t national searches. It will include all 50 states sex offender registries, but it will not include all 50 states felony and misdemeanor convictions. Because of this, the “national” database is very misleading which is why companies should never hire an applicant based on just their database search. When you have a vendor offering to run county searches, it a great time to clarify that all their county searches will in include both felony and misdemeanor records. Always ask your vendor if the county search will include both felony and misdemeanor results. This is important because some counties in the U.S. are split between felony and misdemeanor information.

Ben can be reached at ben@resourcescreening.com