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Employment Law Basics for Recruiting & Hiring Employees


Recruiting Best Practices

The hiring process is typically a positive one that indicates growth or change in a company. After all, the current economic climate has resulted in a market geared to the employer, with many qualified applicants to choose from. With help from new tools like web-based recruiting software, the perfect person for the job may be just a click away.


However, more applicants can also mean a host of legal issues. Hiring managers may feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of resumes they receive and the challenges of searching out that perfect applicant from among the masses. The advent of technology, which on the one hand has made the process faster and more convenient, has also created an even larger melting pot of applicants from which to choose.


The good news is the same factors that create significant challenges also provide tools H.R. professionals can use to make their tasks lighter and easier to bear. With the right information, hiring managers can use tools like web-based recruiting software to find the best possible people for their company.


Hiring Tips 101

The hiring process involves an effort to locate the best applicants to save the company significant headaches in the long run. The hiring of new employees must provide ample safeguards to ensure the “weeding out” process narrows the playing field to those most likely to contribute to a positive, productive working environment and a satisfied customer base.


The job posting must be carefully worded to attract the most qualified applicants. The process of organizing and selecting resumes can be a time-consuming, yet significant component that brings the best possible candidates to the interview table. Once an applicant passes initial stages, background and reference checks must be done under strictest adherence to the law.


Legal Issues in Recruiting and Hiring Employees

Legal issues can – and do – arise during the hiring process. Laws prohibit discrimination of job applicants based on race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, disability or veteran status. Some states also prohibit discrimination based on marital status or sexual orientation. While rules may appear self-explanatory, seemingly innocent questions can become an issue whether or not the applicant is selected for hire.


Train Managers to Hire Effectively

Supervisor training is an essential component to a successful company, as far as H.R. professionals are concerned. Proper training ensures better hiring practices. Supervisor training also leads to happier, more productive employees, which alleviates the workload for the H.R. department overall.


Supervisor training should include legal issues, as well as management techniques. Hiring and interviewing skills should be a focus as well. Proper training of management in these areas leads to a lower incidence of legal problems and a higher quality of employees as well.


Streamline Your Process with Web-Based Recruiting Software 

In today’s complex and sometimes overwhelming job market, web-based recruiting software can be a key component in a successful hiring process. Some of the benefits of web-based recruiting software include:


  • A more efficient, streamlined hiring process
  • The ability to customize the hiring process to a company’s specific needs
  • A cost-effective approach that increases odds the right applicant is hired the first time
  • Ensures online hiring process remains competitive in the marketplace
  • Flexibility to respond to applicants from any place, at any time
  • Ensures candidates recruited are already comfortable with high-tech tools


Human resources professionals found web-based recruiting software saves their company significant time and money. In addition, the software narrows the playing field up front, so hiring managers can find the best candidates quickly and efficiently. Web-based recruiting software may be the tool your company is currently lacking to bring your hiring practices on par with your competition.

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