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A Mobile Friendly Job Application Process is Vital to your Company’s Bottom Line



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Why Having a Mobile Friendly Job Application Process is Vital

When advertising for jobs these days, it really is vital to have a mobile friendly job application process linked to the ad.  At the start of 2014 we were seeing 23% of all applicants applying online with our various clients, using a smart phone.  Today that number is 34%.  With the proliferation of smart phones, many entry level, service / hospitality, transportation, skilled trades and other job applicants rely on their phone, rather than on a computer.

So if your application process is not mobile optimized, you are missing out on a large number of prospective employees for these often hard to fill positions.  Put yourself in the shoes of an applicant looking for a job via their phone.  Let’s say you see two similar jobs offered.  One has an application process requiring much squinting, screen resizing, and is just not mobile friendly.  The other is completely mobile friendly, and simple to complete on your phone.  Which do you apply for?

If you Do have a Mobile Application Process in Place

If you do have a mobile optimized job application process in place, mentioning this in your job ads will also attract the mobile applicant.  So, on your job ads, be sure to highlight this fact, as it will generate more traffic, and put you at an advantage over your non mobile friendly competition for these workers.

Our Recruiting module auto detects those applicants applying from a mobile device, and serves them an easy to view and complete mobile experience which is easy to complete.  We even have the ability to have documents signed via finger within the application process.  (background check releases, or any custom documents clients want to have signed at same time as the application is completed)  

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are not gearing your application process to the mobile applicant, you are losing out on these people to your competition that is.  And for companies trying to fill large numbers of jobs, you simply cannot afford to let 34% of all applicants  and growing, fall by the wayside.  What is 34% of what you now spend on ads?  What would 34% more hires to for your company’s staffing needs?  If you’re not mobile optimized for the applicants, you are hurting your companies bottom line…and thats the true bottom line.


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