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Decrease Interview No Shows – Building the Warm Fuzzies

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So, you have identified some great candidates, you have quickly engaged them, and successfully scheduled them for an interview. Great job, you deserve a coffee break and a few minutes to put your feet on the desk and really feel good about beating your competitors to the punch on these fantastic potential employees? Not so […]

Best Practices – Hiring Frontline Parking Staff

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Download our white paper at Fast Workforce – Recruiting Frontline Parking Service Staff We Go over Key Factors for Success in Hiring the Best Frontline Parking Staff.  Valets, Cashiers, Attendants – Advertise in right places, right times – Quickly Screen and Engage the best candidates – Develop a referral program with your current staff – Cut […]

Time Saving Integrated I9 E-Verify now within Fast Workforce ATS

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Fast Workforce has integrated I9 E-Verify Ordering and receiving of results for the past 6 months.  This is all very easily and quickly done on the page clients currently manage the completion of new hire documents.  This is within the FastRecruiting module, for clients that currently use our New Hire Document management system. Once the hiring manager […]

Require Resumes from Applicants on a per Position Basis

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New feature is up that enables you to require a resume upload for new applicants, or to keep as an option for them in applying. It is within the position creation and edit screen. Simply select Yes or No, depending on your preference. All the positions are defaulted to No until you change (No – […]

New “No Show to Interview” management feature

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This new feature gives you the ability to do mass reinvites to interview for those that no showed.  For those of you that currently do this, the new features make it take about 10% of the time previously needed to Cancel current interview(thus allowing for reporting on no show rate), reinviting to schedule a new […]

Save Your Craigslist Ad Code – Convenience Feature

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Sometimes, a great feature is just a simple one. This new one qualifies as such. On your Positions Page, you can now save your Craigslist Ad Code for each position. This is just a convenient place to save your ad code, on a per position basis. Simply Paste ad code here, and save.  

New “Profile Flip” feature

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We have introduced a simple new feature that enables you to filter your lists of applicants, checkmark those you wish to view, and hit the Open Profiles button that is now on the Applicant spreadsheet. This feature gives you the ability to work on an applicant profile, and hit the arrow to get to the […]

Interview with Resource Screening CEO Ben Criste

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Resource Screening is one of our integrated background check providers within the FastWorkforce/FastRecruiting system.  Bens company works with quite a few of our clients.  I recently did this Q and A with him on some tips and things to consider with running background checks.  Ben can be reached at What type background checks do […]