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Fast Workforce: Automated Interview Scheduling Feature


In our tireless pursuit to keep our services on the cutting edge of technology and to offer our clients the most advanced HRMS / ATS solutions available, we’ve just rolled out our newest features this week: Automated Interview Scheduling Having the agility to reach candidates wherever they are available clearly distinguishes mobile recruiting as the way to […]

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Applicant Management


Effective applicant management is necessary to recruit top talent. According to Career Placement Inc, it takes an average of 60 – 90 days to hire an entry level employee with higher skill-set positions like engineers or VP’s taking even longer. During that period, talented prospective employees will entertain recruitment efforts from multiple businesses. While these businesses exercise their due diligence, several get bogged down in antiquated hiring processes that can deprive them from retaining the highest quality and most talented applicants.

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Cloud Based Document Management


Cloud based document management just makes sense. We all know the future is cloud based software and applications. The shift towards this reality is inevitable and rapidly approaching. Just like all technological shifts, those at the forefront will be rewarded with efficiency, increased market share & profitability while those who resist will be relegated out […]